What Causes Computer Speakers Not To Work

Published by HqSpeakers, on February 18th, 2011, in the categories: computer speakers

The computers that we were used to working with in the past were nothing else than mute machines we could use to type some letters in a document, but they provided no sounds. After the machine received a sound card, suddenly the computer became an entertaining object. The changes were fast and the need to communicate grew stronger. As a result people discovered that they could stay in touch using the computer.

Writing in a virtual window became a boring activity, so a new technological device came in handy in order to make the communication more dynamic. That is the moment when the speaker was introduced in IT. Of course, the speaker was invented earlier in the nineteen century by Alexander Graham Bell and its main usage was for the telephone.

The sound causes trouble

In the IT domain the speaker had the same principle of working: turning the signals in sound waves, so that the human voice could be perceived and sent across long distances. In spite of the great amount of importance the speaker has; it can easily become a totally useless device. Let’s see some problems your device could face and especially what the causesare.

First of all, you should check if your sound card is out of trouble. You can check in two ways whether this device is working in a proper manner: in one hand see if the audio driver is installed. The operation is simple: right click the “My computer” icon, than check the hardware submenu and the ultimate step is verifying the “Device manager” tab. There, you should find a button called: “Sounds, video and game controllers” and go searching for the sound card. If it is missing or has in front an exclamation point, the best thing you can do is to uninstall the driver. By restarting your computer you will help your machine to reinstall the driver automatically, but in case it does not work, try to download an updated version of your driver.

Well, in some cases it might not help at all, therefore you should check the physically sound card from your personal computer. Just turn off the computer and unplug all the cables. Take the sound card out and put it back, reattach the disconnected cables. Does it work?

Do not totally blame your sound card; the speaker itself might have a problem. Firstly check whether is connected to the PC. In case it is connected but still not working check, if it receives power. You should see if the LED it has is on or not. Sometimes it receives power but, you may have forgotten to push its button. To ensure that the sound card has nothing to do you should plug the speaker into other computers to verify.

Finally, your speaker could not work because of volume control. Either the volume of the speaker or of the sound card could be turned down. The sound can cause trouble, but the key to solve these problems is to carefully check everything!
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