Vivid G1 Giya

Published by Bogdan Alex, on June 30th, 2008, in the categories: Vivid Audio

Time to check out the latest exotic loudspeakers. Just as the automotive industry has its exotic sports cars, the loudspeaker industry has an exotic league of loudspeaker manufacturers, as well. That would immediately be obvious when you compare the two pricewise. Among the exotic loudspeakers out there, the latest comes from Vivid Audio. This is the G1 Giya.

The first thing you notice when you see the G1 Giya would probably be the cool shape of the enclosure. All of Vivid's speakers are made using advanced, patented cabinet construction and bass loading. The new Vivid Giya's is a bit different when compared to Vivid’s previous designs. Its dual 12" woofers are mounted on the sides with their magnets mechanically coupled. Vivid explains that the big twirl is used to load the bass and prevent audible standing waves. That is supposed to improve the overall quality of the bass, making it more profound.

Vivid's new bass woofers are designed in-house and built from aluminum and use a unique short coil, long gap magnet construction. The tweeter and midrange domes use Vivid's patented tube loading to achieve reduction in back waves and superior performance.

Here are some quick specs:

- Frequency Range: 23Hz to 44kHz (30Hz - 40kHz +/- 2dB)
- Sensitivity: 91dB, 6 ohm nominal, 4 ohm minimum
- Power handling: 800 watts
- Weight: 154lbs
- Size: 67"h x 14"w x 31.5" d

You wouldn’t expect exotic cars to come cheap. However, when compared to those $100k speakers, Giya features a pretty “decent” $54,000 price tag.
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