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The name of Mirage Speakers does not need any introduction. It is quite renowned throughout the audio industry. It has made its recognition and is identified as an innovator. Mirage is continuously setting new standards in sphere of speaker design and performance. It can be said without a doubt that Mirage is the only company which is founded on the rule that sound should be omni directional and completely immerses the listener. The sound its speakers deliver is capturing and absorbing. More about Mirage Speakers is harmonized in the account elaborated below.

Types of Mirage Speakers

There are many types of Mirage speakers. They are-

>Floorstanding speaker

>Bookshelf speaker

>Surround speaker

>Center speaker

>Flat panel speaker


>Outdoor speaker

>In-ceiling speaker

Apart from the above mentioned types of speakers offered by mirage, there is a huge collection in home theater system. You can choose from this vast variety according to your needs and preferences.

Available Sizes of Mirage Speakers

Speakers systems of Mirage are perfectly designed and fabricated to suit the needs of today’s world and follow the latest trends in speaker world. They are made in various sizes so that you can choose just what you want. In short, you can choose these speakers according to your room size and also enhance the decor of your room. These speakers are available in three sizes-large, medium and small.

Warranty of Mirage Speakers

Mirage gives warranty of its products to the original retail buyer. The consumers can get service against any failure that results from original manufacturing fault in materials or workmanship. The warranty provided is in effect for a period of five years in case of Passive Speakers and for one year in case of Subwoofers. The warranty begins from date of purchase from an authorized Mirage dealer. The warranty is valid only when the original bill of transaction date is offered on requirement of service. The service is provided only when these formalities are completed by the original possessor.

The warranty of Mirage speakers does not include any harm caused to the product during transport, misuse, by accident, neglect, abuse, failure to follow the instructions outlined in the owner's manual, unauthorized product modification, failure to perform routine maintenance and damage that has occurred because of unauthorized repair works or claims based upon misrepresentations of the warranty by the retailer.

Mirage speakers are based on an outstanding technology. These speakers are gifted with an exclusive Omni polar technology. This technology distributes audio straightforwardly towards you. It also reflects off walls, ceilings and other surfaces. So, it is needless to say that you enjoy a completely engrossing experience. This listening bliss pervades evenly throughout your listening milieu. With these speakers delivering sound, your room is no longer a room; it gets converted into a movie theatre, dance club, or a place where you enjoy to the most with movies and music.  Once you taste the delight and wonderful experience of Mirage speakers, you will want to be in its fabulous world.
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