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Published by Bogdan Alex, on June 3rd, 2008, in the categories: JBL

My first 2.1 speakers were made by JBL. It was back in 1999 when I bought that system, and at that moment they were pretty pricey. It wasn’t my decision to buy them, they just came as part of a PC system and the JBL brand was quite unknown to me in those days. Immediately after that I learned that JBL is an important US provider of desktop (and not only) speakers.

Although they can’t really compete with other desktop speaker manufacturers, JBL has some other interesting models for indoor and outdoor use. To prove that, JBL now releases their latest Control Now AW loudspeaker series, available both in a black indoor model and a white outdoor model.


JBL thought it would be better to make their Control Now loudspeakers available individually in order to let customers build their own multi-speaker setups. Control Now is a two-way, dual 4-inch loudspeaker, designed to function as bookshelf, wall-mount, or corner-mount speakers or even be set up in semi-circles and full loops to provide optimum sound reinforcement throughout a room or area. This way, JBL gives us the possibility to place loudspeakers in the most unusual locations, practically enveloping the entire house in quality sounds.

The 8 Ohm speakers offer a frequency response between 80 Hz and 30 KHz, and can handle up to 300 Watts peak, and 150 Watts RMS. The speakers also integrate quality 2000 Hz crossover circuitry that splits duties between the main drivers and the 3/4-inch high-frequency horn. In addition, the speakers include removable push terminals for hooking up speaker cabling. Each unit comes equipped with standard wall bracket hardware, floor-standing adapters, and adhesive bracket covers. The white models are advertised as outdoor loudspeakers, but JBL warns that they are not waterproof.

The Control Now speakers will be available starting this month. The indoor models are expected to be priced at $249 each, while the outdoor versions will be priced at $279 each.
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