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The computers had evolved a lot in the last decades, and along with them all of their components. Any component of a computer from the main board to the keyboard has today some very advanced technologies included. Here we can also include the computer speakers. Today they are also very advanced and capable of bringing a high quality sound without even having to be large. Actually these days there are many types of computer speakers, and some of them are really small but also powerful. You can find floorstanding speakers, satellite speakers, subwoofers, outdoor speakers, travel speakers and many more, but they are all external computer speakers. Only the first types of computer speakers were internal, and they were very small and integrated on the main board. (and also the laptops have internal speakers) But for all the computers today the speakers are external, so this means you will be able to see them and place them wherever you want.

In this article we are going to present all the types of computer speakers. There are many big companies in this domain, and each of them brings some good quality speakers. Some of the big names on the market are: Creative, JBL, Harman Kardon, Altec Lansing, Genius, Boston Acoustics, Bose and many more. Like we mentioned before, there are many different types of computer speakers. Classified by the number of speakers contained we can have: stereo speakers (made of 2 speakers), 2.1 systems (made of 2 stereo speakers and a subwoofer) and also surround sound systems.

These can be 5.1 (made of a subwoofer, a center channel and 4 satellite speakers) and 7.1 systems (made of a subwoofer, a center channel and 6 satellite speakers). Classified by their position in a sound system, and by the frequency of sounds, we also have three types. First there is the subwoofer. This speaker is specially made to bring only the low and deep sound frequencies, in another word – the bass. It is usually a big and heavy component (compared to the satellite speakers) and the best position for the subwoofer is under the desk. This is a great speaker, especially if you are interested in having a powerful sound with a deep bass. A subwoofer can easily make your windows to vibrate, and your neighbors to get annoyed so be careful with the volume!

The next component of a surround sound system are the satellite speakers. These are usually small speakers and they are also called bookshelf speakers. They usually give the mid range sounds, and they are also responsible for the surround feeling. There will be 4 of them (or 6 on a 5.1 system), and you have to be really careful and respect the correct arrangement of these speakers. The left rear channel must be placed exactly on the left rear side of the listener, the front right in the front and so on. If they are place correctly, and you are sitting in the right spot, you can enjoy some great surround feelings. For example you can feel like someone attacks you from the behind when playing a video game, or you can feel a bullet flying over your head when watching a movie.

And the last part of an audio system is the center channel. This is also an important component and it is bigger than the satellite speakers. It usually gives the high sounds, such as voices in a song or movie and it usually has to stay in front of the listener. Each speaker is specialized in a different range of sounds, but each one also give the other ranges of sounds. For example the center channel gives the high sounds, but it also has some mid range sounds and a little bass included. So when all of the components are combined you will get the whole spectrum of sounds.

Beside these speakers there are also the floorstanding speakers. These are usually very tall and also very heavy speakers, and they are capable of standing on the floor, without any supports and they are also hard to knock over. With this big weight you will also get some good sound quality. These kind of speakers are usually very powerful, capable of giving all of the sound ranges, and they can be used all by their selves and can sustain a loud party.

But if you really have a crowded room, or you just don’t want speakers and wires on and under your desk, there are other possibilities for you. For example you can use some in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. These are some small speakers that will fit in specially designed places in your wall or ceiling. So practically they are invisible and they blend with the environment without taking out any space. They will also make your wall look cooler and will give you a nice sound directly from above your head.

If you don’t want to enjoy the music from your computer just in your room, and you want to have it in other rooms and even outside, then you can get some wireless speakers. They don’t have any kind of wires or cables, so they can be used anywhere, in the specified distance from the receiver. You can use them in your living room, kitchen, bathroom or in the back yard. There are even some wireless speakers that are specially designed to be used in the shower. Of course they are waterproof, so you can place them right next to you when taking a shower, to enjoy some music. Some other type of speakers that can be used outside are the outdoor speakers. These are also water and weather proof so you can place them in the back yard, on the grass, on the roof or even next to the pool. They are perfect when you want to throw an outdoor party. Some of the outdoor speakers even have some very interesting designs, and they are made to look just like a rock. So everyone will think that these are just simple rocks, but they will be really amazed when they will see that the “rock” is giving music.

So these were some of the most important types of external computer speakers that you can find. For more information, and detailed presentation of speakers from each type, just read other articles from our site. Enjoy!
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