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The computers and the internet had evolved so much in the last decades,  and today they have a very important role in our lives. They are used for so many activities, and so many industries are relaying on them, so we can't even imagine how the world  would be in 2010 without computers and internet. You can do all kinds of things on the internet, for example you can read news and information, you can chat with people anywhere around the world, you can download music, movies or games, but you can also buy and sell different stuff. If you are too busy to go for shopping at regular stores and malls, and you don't want to spend a lot of time searching for the product you want, you can easily access an online store. Just search for the desired product and you will find it. You can also compare the prices with other products without even having to move from your chair. Another advantage when buying online, is that you can read reviews and comments about that product, and see if it really worths the money. After making the order, the product will be delivered to you by mail in a few days, no matter the distance. Today many of the big retails stores are offering their products directly on the internet. An example is the Radio Shack company.

It is a big corporation, specialized in electronic devices and was founded many years ago in the United States. With time it had developed in Europe, South America and even Africa. It has thousands of stores and had operating revenues of about 4.8 billion dollars in 2008. It offers a wide variety of electronics, for example wireless phones, GPS receivers, music players, laptops and computers, and also components for them such as computer speakers. And of course you can find all of its products on the company's site, which is: Today we'll be talking about some of the computer speakers offered by Radio Shack.


They are located on the "Home entertainment" category. There are 285 speakers on this category, and you have different options of browsing. You can simply browse through all the pages, or you can select them after price, brand or speakers type. The cheapest speakers have a price of 28 dollars and the most expensive from the site costs 2.000 dollars. So you have a wide variety to choose from, depending on your budget. Some of the speakers producers that are selling their products on are ArchiTech, Audio Unlimited, BIC America, Cables Unlimited, Dual, Gigaware, KLH, Pinnacle, Russound or Yamaha. The type of speakers that you can find on the site are: ceiling and in-wall speakers, center channels, outdoor speakers, shelf speakers, sound bars, speaker sets, subwoofers and towers.


Now we'll take an example from each category and discuss more about it.   First the in-wall or ceiling speakers. Here we'll be choosing the BIC America 6.5" Weather resistant ceiling speakers. They have a price of 150 dollars and will deliver a nice and rich sound into your home. These polygraphite 2 way speakers are weather resistant, so that means you can mount them almost anywhere, inside or outside the house. They also feature liquid cooled titanium tweeter  pivots to direct the sound where you want. They have a frequency response from 40 - 23 khz, and a maximum


For a center channel, we'll be talking about  the BIC America VK 6 LCR 6.5" center channel speaker. It has a price of 200 dollars, and a total power of 250 Watts. This is pretty good, considering that it is only one speaker. It delivers rich sound, and the 6.5" premium grade Kevlar cones offer incredible strength and dispersion. It also has included vertical and horizontal wall mounts, if you want to hang it on the wall. But you can also keep it in front of you, next to your monitor.


Among the outdoor speakers from, you can findi the TIC WRS 010 wireless outdoor rock speakers. They are very cleverly designed to blend into the environment from your back yard. You can choose between many different colors, such as slate, granite, canyon, and they will look just like a big rock. They are also wireless and can be placed up to 300 feet away from the audio source and they feature a remote control, so that you can control them from your chair in the back yard. They have a sensitivity of 85 dB, a frequency response of 77 Hz - 16 Hz, and a power of 5 Watts RMS.


Some nice bookshelf speakers from this site are the Pinnacle QP 2 way LCR speakers. They come at a price of 270 dollars, and they are ideal to be combined with your TV or LCD monitor. They can be used individually or you can combine  them with other components to make a surround system. They feature some pivots and also wall mount brackets, so you can easily place them on the wall, or on any flat surface. They are very lightweight and they are also video shielded to allow placement near the TV or monitor. The design is pretty simple and nice, so they will fit very well into your room. Also the sound quality is good, so they will worth the money.


A cool soundbar that you can buy from Radio Shack is the Emerson Home Theatre speaker with iPod Dock and Karaoke. It has eight speakers included in one single unit, and will be just great for your music or movies. The system can be mounted on the wall and in has two full range speakers, two subwoofers, two tweeters and two piezo tweeters. And the company also gives you a bonus: a microphone and 100 karaoke songs to enjoy. It also has a docking station for your iPod or iPhone and a remote control. It is good for those who want a  nice audio experience, without having to place 6 or 8 speakers all around their room.


One of the audio systems that you can get from this site is the Monster Stream Line Home Theater Speaker System. The price is quite  high (700 dollars), but also the quality offered is high. It is quite an unusual system, made of 2 tower speakers, a center channel and a subwoofer. So we can call it a 3.1 system. All the speakers are combined in such a way to bring you all the sound ranges (the highs, the mids and the bass). The system has a good total power of 300 watts, and it will rock your home :)


You will find many models of subwoofers on the site, with different prices and qualities. One of them is the Pinnacle Digital Subwoofer. It will bring a new dimension to your music, by rendering all the low and deep sound frequencies. It has many technologies included to ensure you a high quality bass, with no distortion, even at higher volumes. You will have to be really careful with the volume of the bass, because this can easily annoy your neighbors and make their windows to vibrate :). It has a price of 380 dollars, and a total power of 100 watts. The frequency response is between 33 - 150 Hz.


The last category of speakers from the site are the tower speakers. The most cheap model of tower speakers is the BIC America RtR 1530 at a price of 100 dollars. Even though they are simple speakers, they will bring you a nice and deep bass, and also smooth vocals. You can use them individually or combine them  with others to make a surround sound system. The dimensions for a tower are: 39 inches in height, 17 inches in width and 11 inches in depth, with a weight of 61 pounds.  The power range is between 10 - 325 watts, the sensitivity is 90 dB and the frequency response 33 - 19 kHz.

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