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Published by HqSpeakers, on November 24th, 2009, in the categories: accesories

When you have had enough with wires plugs that occupy every corner of the house, when all you want to do is using your headset instead of speakers, you can use audio pc headset speaker switches, which are a practical desktop solution. They allow you to lightly switch between headset and speakers at the touch of a button.

Plantronics has got an addition to the Audio line of Accessories,  Microphones and Analog PC Headsets. The Audio PC Headset Speaker Switch is a one-time installation that only takes a few seconds. They are compatible to any PC that has a sound card. Install them by plugging it into the sound card and adding dual functionality between the headset and speakers. Its small streamlined look aids you to get rid of the desktop clutter.

According to a user, this headset has got a great sound for its prize and the microphone is really clear. He had been wearing the mic for about five hours and it did not bother his ears. There are also consumers who think the prize is a bit high for what it is, because sometimes there is a sound distortion when changing from headphones to speakers.

The MK-7 Computer Audio Speaker Switch Box model puts and end to the inconvenience and hassle associated with having one set of speakers to two computer systems. The design allows switching the audio speaker between two PCs very fast, effortless and easy.

The installation is also simple. The deciphering of plugs and cables in the back of the computer has reached an end, because MK-7 makes PC audio output choice to one set of audio speakers plugged to one computer on another very convenient and easy. So this type of audio speaker switch is convenient if you possess two computers but you want to utilize them with one set of speaker systems. It is a space- saving box with two input jacks for an easy connection to the audio outputs of your computer and one output jack for a liaison to the speaker set. Its small size fits neatly on the desk and is also unobtrusive.

The VxSwitch - PCI Video Matrix Switch is a computer speaker switch that allows the connection of different video sources, like DVDs, cameras, VCRs, etc. to multiple destinations: monitors, cards, projectors, video captures etc. Video signals from an amplitude of input sources may be distributed to multiple output devices, basically making a "matrix" pattern of inter- connections allowable. One video output is routed to one or more outputs. There is no restriction on the routing. Each video output quality is stated to be as clear and crisp as if it were directly connected to the original source.

From this area, the VxSwitch32 is based on the latest technology to offer a single PCI plug-in card or a full  32 x 32 audio or video cross point switch. Any classic PC that has a free PCI slot can support the installation of this card. The VxSwitch is also supplied with a simple Windows application program that can be used for simple switching programming with SDK, for those who want to keep under control VxSwitch32 from their PC. It is made to be adaptable and versatile and is provided with driver software for Windows 2000 and Windows XP and it can save and recall the settings of the switch.

Also, the VxSwitch32-H can be utilized with the Vigilant-Pro multi- screen graphics adaptors. This way, the switcher is connected to the Vigilant by cables made of inter-card ribbon, making possible for the video overlay to choose one of 32 possible video sources. Only one Vx card will take up to eight graphic adapter from Vigilant.

The PC Audio switch is easy to install and use. It can be connected into the 3.5mm audio input/output standard of all computers, meaning it is easy to each all connections of the sound card. Besides the easy switch between headphones or speakers, it includes an on/off button, a volume control and microphone input.

There is no need to interchange headsets and speakers, because you can connect the switch via a 1.5m cable at the computer's rearside. It offers range and versatility. Its dimensions are 70mm(L) x 45mm(W) x 15mm(D) and it weights 60g. The headphone jack has 3.5 mm, as do the speaker jack and microphone jack.
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