Polk Outdoor Speakers

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There are many companies that manufacture outdoor speakers and Polk is one such being. Polk outdoor speakers are one of the best outdoor speaker that offers high quality audio with the convenience of built in system. Polk outdoor speaker gives you an opportunity to listen to music outdoors without having to worry about rain or weather proofing. Polk outdoor speaker systems are a good option for maximizing sound quality in a large space like a porch or patio. These speakers offer the great flexibility, reliability and high fidelity sound quality for all outdoor spaces. These speakers give you the freedom to put it anywhere you want high performance and quality sound.  These speakers are true four season loudspeakers.

Polk audio is one of the well known manufacturers of speakers that offer a wide variety of speaker system for both home and cars.  In addition to speaker system, the company also offers other audio devices like amplifiers and FM tuners. This company was established in 1972; however in 2006 it was bought by Directed Electronics. The Polk audio presents lots of outdoor speakers; however most of them are suitable only for placement in sheltered locations. Described below are some of the Pork outdoor speakers.

Polk Outdoor Speakers:

1. Atrium 65SDI: This speaker can be used anywhere as it has special military spec waterproofing feature and patented waterproof power Port bass vent. It is a single all weather speaker with 6.5 inch mineral composite polypropylene cone. This speaker is constructed of stainless steel and brass hardware for years of rustproof reliability. The frequency response of this speaker system is 50 Hz to 20 KHz.

2. Atrium garden speaker system (Atrium Sat30 and Atrium Sub10): The Atrium garden speaker system offers you a high performance audio into your landscape or transitional outdoor space. This speaker has many options for placement and mounting, on deck, under eaves or in the yard. The Atrium Sub/Sat speaker system offers you maximum placement flexibility in all weather high performance audio. It is a complete full range loudspeaker system. This speaker can reproduce music and even DVD or BLU-ray sound just like indoor speaker system. Atrium Sat30 system is designed to imitate stylish lighting fixture while delivering high performance and quality sound. Atrium Sub10 big bass is used for heavy duty bass performance. This bass system delivery high level bass impact outdoors or in your home’s transitional areas.

3. Atrium 7: This speaker system has all the Polk audio features that produce big, life like high quality sound. These speakers offer ultimate audio performance because of 1” tweeters, 6-1/2 woofers and PowerPort bass venting.  The rugger, weatherproof design of the speaker that allows you to enjoy years of great audio, whether you install it outside or inside.

If you wish to have outdoor speaker with excellent sound quality then you can definitely go for Polk outdoor speakers. Along with these, other popular Polk outdoor speakers are Atrium 60, Atrium 8SDI, Atrium 6, Atrium 55, Atrium 5, Atrium 50, Atrium 45 and Atrium 4.

Polk Audio Monitor 40 Features

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The name ‘Monitor’ has a special significance for the Polk Audio Monitor Series. Produced in the mid 1970s, Polk Audio Monitor Series was instrumental in ushering in the modern loudspeaker era by setting the standards of performance much higher. The original monitor series is the line responsible for making Polk Audio Famous with its simple get-up and clear sound. Powerful bass and superior imaging add on to the features of the monitor.

The Polk Audio 40 Monitor is a classic creation of Polk Audio. The product is known for its quality of high performance loudspeakers for home theater and music alike. The speakers are highly efficient and can be easily driven by unpretentious receivers. The speakers are also voice matched for lifelike surround sound environments. The stylish look of the monitor compliments the present day’s flat screen technology. Good grain and Titanium faces add on to the look of the gadget. The monitor series is a great introduction to high performance sound.

Some of the features of Polk Audio Monitor 40 Series are enlisted below:

1. The Monitor Series has the ability to deliver Polk Audio Sound even if it is driven by modestly-powered amplifiers and receivers.

2. 1 inch Polymer Composite Dynamic Balance Dome Tweeter, along with Neodymium magnet structure delivers high frequency vocals.

3. 5 ¼ inch Bi- Laminate Composite Dynamic Balance Drivers are lightweight and stiff. They are stiff with good damping for high efficiency, lower distortion and excellent bass.

4. The speaker has multiple small-diameter driver design that offers wide dispersion, better mid-range and more detailed bass response for an open box less three dimensional sound.

5. The Non-resonant all MDF enclosure embossed with ¾ inch thick baffles ensures cleaner, clearer and a lifelike sound quality.

6. The crossover of Monitor 40 uses Mylar bypass capacitors for more detailed and effective high frequencies.

7. Presence of Dual Five-way Binding Post Connectors allows more secure hook-up options, as well as bi-wiring and bi-amping flexibility.

8. Polk Audio Monitor 40 Series Speakers are modern living accessories that make style statements complete with Black or Cherry wood grain finish, with Titanium faces.

9. The monitors are magnetically shielded for safe placement on or near video monitors or TVs with zero risk of video distortion.

10. The Critically Tuned Flared port minimizes port noise enabling good low frequency extension with low distortion which finally results in natural, full-bodied sound with rich bass.

Other basic feature comprises the following:

1. The dimension are 15.75’x 12’x7’ and its speaker amplification type is passive.

2. The maximum output of the speaker is 250 watts and they are equipped with one inch silk dynamic balance tweeter.

3. Two 5.25 inch dynamic balance drivers provide superior definition, sound imaging and linearity.

4. The flared port of the speakers also ensures less distortion from port noise so that one can get rich bass sounds pleasant to the ears.

5. The speaker offers great value for money and is considered to be one of the best manufactured by Polk.

Audio Monitor 40 is one of the best monitors manufactured by Polk. They are definitely worth investing in.

Polk Audio Home Page

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Polk Audio is a famous manufacturer of speakers that offers a wide variety of products for both home using and for cars. Beside speakers it also offers other audio devices such as amplifiers or FM tuners. The company was founded in 1972 and since then it continued to develop more and more. In 2006 it was bought by Directed Electronics and it has the headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. Today we are going to take a look on the Polk Audio home page, which is : www.polkaudio.com.

By visiting the first category from the upper side of the screen (Products) you can see all the categories of speakers. And when passing the cursor over a category, there will be some other subcategories appearing. For example in the “Home Audio” button you will find: floorstanding speakers, bookshelf speakers, center channels, subwoofers, rears and surrounds, outdoor speakers, satellites and also SurroundBars.

In the “Car & Marine audio” you can find: amplifiers, speakers & systems and also car subwoofers. There are also many subcategories in the “In-wall and in-ceiling” category and below there are the outdoor speakers category, the gaming devices, the iPod & HD Radio systems and again SurroundBar.

In the other main categories from the site (Where to buy, Forums and Support) you can find the closest Polk Audio store to you, or learn more about international distributors, or buy directly from the site or from their official ebay store. And you can also discuss with others about the Polk Audio products on the company’s forum and also contact them or learn more about warranty, service, returns, tech support and others issues.

And now let’s discuss about a product made by this company, and we’ll choose a random one. Let’s take for example a center channel which is the main sound stage for voices and on-screen action in a home theater system. And we’ll choose the CS 20 speaker, from the TSi series.

As you can see it has quite a cool design and you can choose to buy it in brown and black as in the image, or all colored in black.  If you are not sure which color you like the most, you can think of the place where you will place this speaker, and see if it will match with your furniture or desk. It has dimensions of 7, 3/8" H x 23 " W x 10-3/4 " D
( (18.73 cm) H x (58.42 cm) W x (27.30 cm) D ).

You can use it as an individual speaker but it will be much better to combine it with a subwoofer and some surround speakers, and make a surround sound system. It will give almost all of the sound frequencies, but it will focus more on the voices so that’s why it is important to place it in front of you so that you can enjoy the best experiences when watching a movie. If you use it with your computer you can place it on the desk in front of you and if you use it with your TV you can place it on top of it.

But if you consider that it is too big to be placed on the TV, you can also place it underneath it, and thanks to the angled top, the sound will be pointed directly to you. You can combine it with any other components you want, but it will be best to combine this center channel with other products from the TSi series from Polk Audio. Not only that they will have almost the same design, but they will also sound really better together, because they are made to work with one another, and to complete each other.

Let’s discuss about one more product from the site, and we’ll choose the Atrium 65 SDI outdoor speakers. These kind of speakers are very useful when you want to take the party outside the house, and enjoy some music in your back yard. They are available in both black or white, so you can assort them with the environment. They feature a special technology that will allow you to use each speaker as an individual unit that will give all the sound, or you can use them as stereo speakers, and each speaker will give its specific sounds.

You can use this feature for example if you choose to have a speaker in the back yard, and the other one  in front of the house, near the pool. In this case you can use the “single left or right” feature, and each speaker will sound good and won’t have anything to do with the other one. And you can use the stereo feature when you have both of the speakers in the same area, pretty close to each other.

Of course the conditions outside the house are much different and more difficult compared to your room and that’s why these speakers are waterproof so they can resist even on tough weather conditions. Each speaker has dimensions of 13-1/2" H x 7-11/16" W x 9-5/16" D ( (34.29 cm) H x (19.53 cm) W x (23.65 cm) D ). So they are not that small, but they are not huge either, so you can be sure that your friends will spot them in the back yard, but they won’t spoil the environment. They are specially made to provide a rich sound, with both a deep bass and some clear high sounds. Enjoy them!

Polk Audio RM40

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Is it me, or you can hardly wait for some new obscure loudspeaker manufacturer? Today I feel like dancing, although Polk Audio has nothing to do with gleeful dances and such. Polk Audio actually manufacturers some fine surround systems that come at an affordable price, just like the RM40.


The RM40 home theater speaker system includes five compact speakers and a high performance Powered Subwoofer. It’s really easy on the eyes as it sports stylishly sculpted anodized aluminum towers. This system was designed to occupy less space and complement your plasma or LCD HDTV, while offering maximum sound quality.

Although it comes much cheaper than many systems presented here, the RM40 features all sorts of hi-tech materials and technologies, such as Polk Audio’s proprietary PowerPort bass venting and Dynamic Balance composite structure. All this is aimed at ensuring superior performance, rich, full-bodied, big speaker sound from beautiful, compact packages.

Polk Audio even provides individual satellites & centers to accommodate 6.1 or 7.1 channel systems. The tower, center and surround satellites sport the Power Port Bass Vents hidden under the grilles to extend and strengthen their lower-midrange performance for a seamless blend with the subwoofer output.

Depending on the chosen e-tailer, you can find prices between $250.00 - $400.00 for the RM40 5.1 surround system. For more info and tech specs check out the official page.