Computer Speakers by Monsoon

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Monsoon is one of the renowned brands of loudspeakers, automotive speaker systems and computer speakers. Monsoon Company is one of the largest producers of audio in the world.  The Monsoon Company produces and trades in different sorts of audio instruments for consumer, professional and business applications. The Monsoon brand was first connected with OEM (for the automotive industry) and later on it was also licensed to Sonigistix for the computer industry. In 2000 Sonigistix had increased the production of speakers for the homer users and made the repute of the Monsoon brand in the market. Monsoon is engaged in production of different types of audio products and one such being is Monsoon Computer speakers. Mentioned below are some of the computer speakers by Monsoon.  

Computer Speakers by Monsoon

1. Monsoon MM-1000 Flat Panel Speakers: These speakers are really great option if you are looking for some good quality flat panel computer speakers that are stylish, robust, and do not take a lot of space on your desk. It consists of two flat panels satellites amplified by a traditional sub woofer. The satellites are made up of 4”x8” planar magnetic panel with a metal grill that protects it from the front and back. The satellite of the speaker is supported by heavy, solid plastic and metal base. These speakers also feature a remote volume control and an immediate mute button. The Sub Woofer of the flat panel speaker has a manual volume controls knob that is very precise and works excellent. The frequency response of this speaker is 50 Hz – 20 kHz and the bass boost button offers a 6dB boost at 55 Hz.

2. Monsoon PlanarMedia 14 (2.1) speaker: These speakers consist of two satellite speakers paired with a subwoofer. The speaker uses planar ribbon transducer which most of the traditional looking speaker system doesn’t use. This speaker is a perfect choice for playing games and watching movies as it offers a very tight directional reference without any signal reflection that you might hear in other computer speakers. You should place these speakers foot away from the wall or the back of your desk in order to get the perfect sound effect. The sound quality of this spear is outstanding which is makes it perfect option for computer speaker. The speaker is a perfect combination of clarity and a huge sound stage. With the closed eye it’s difficult to pick where the speakers are actually playing. Also the stereo imaging of the speaker is outstanding.

If you wish to have computer speakers with excellent audio quality then you can definitely go for any of the above mentioned Monsoon computer speakers.  Along with these there are many other Monsoon computer speakers such as Monsoon MM-700 Flat Panel Speakers, Monsoon Audio FPF-1000 loudspeaker, Monsoon PM-9 Flat Panel Computer speakers and many more.

Monsoon Stereo Speakers

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Those of you that are audio specialists may wonder why we are writing about some Monsoon speakers, because this company doesn’t even exist anymore. But because the Monsoon products were very good a few years ago, they worth some of our time. Monsoon is a brand of speakers, originally a brand for cars speakers and later computer speakers. The brand was first associated with OEM (for the automotive industry)  and then it was also licensed to Sonigistix. (for the computers industry). In the year 2000 Sonigistix had expanded the production of speakers for the home users, and made a solid reputation for the Monsoon brand. They become very famous because of the cool looking flat-panel speakers. These were based on planar magnetic technology. The products were really popular and were selling good, and later the brand was bought by Eastech, an Asian company. Eastech continued to make them for a while, but unfortunately  by late 2004 the Monsoon speakers had disappeared from the market. And in 2005 Eastech no longer produced the Monsoon speakers.

But the Monsoon legacy is still here, and many people are still using (or selling) the cool looking and good sounding Monsoon flat-panel speakers.

In this article we are going to discuss one of the company’s products and this are the Monsoon MM-700 Speakers. It is a 2.1 audio system, so this means it is made out of two stereo speakers and a subwoofer. The price for them is somewhere around 150 dollars, and they do sound really good. They have a total power of 44 watts divided into 11 watts for each satellite speaker and 22 for the subwoofer.  The system has a frequency response from 50 hertz to 20.000 hertz, so this means it will give you a nice sound, through all the sound ranges. The system combines the powerful midrange and high sounds with a deep and booming bass from the subwoofer. From what the users are saying, even though they have a pretty small price, they will sound like a multi-hundred dollars product.

Even it is a little difficult to set them up, just follow all the instructions from the manual, and it will guide you through all the steps. A negative aspect of the small and thin flat-panel speakers, is that you need to find exactly the right spot to place them to have the best sound quality. You will have to make a few more tries until you find the “sweet spot”, but you will be very satisfied after that. Make sure to mark somehow that spot, so you know where to place the speakers if you move them.

Another cool feature about this system is that it has a controlling puck. This is a small device that contains all the useful buttons for controlling the system. It has the volume knob and also a “mute” button. This button can be useful for the times when you suddenly want to turn off the volume, and after that press it again to get back to the volume you had. But a negative aspect is that the on and off button and the bass volume control is placed on the subwoofer. And the subwoofer is recommended to be placed under the desk, so you will have to crawl there each time you want to turn the system on and off, or to modify the bass volume.

But enough with the negative parts, let’s talk about another great thing about this system. And this is the 3D sound. The monsoons speakers are somehow managing to produce a real and nice 3D sound, without having to use an expensive sound card. The 3D sound can be heard mostly when playing a video game, and sometimes you may have the sensation that you are using a surround sound system.

Another good thing about the MM 700 speakers is the subwoofer. It is not really big and really powerful but it’s very effective, especially if used in a small apartment room. It can easily make your house to vibrate if it is turned all the way up. Like we said before these speakers are looking really nice, and unique so people will really want to see them , and there is no need to hide them. They are all black and they look pretty nice and elegant. Even that little puck used for the volume control is stylish.

Most of the users that reviewed these speakers were very pleased with them, and didn’t encountered any major problems. Most of the sites are rating them 4 out of 5 or 9 out of 10 stars.

So after all they are pretty cheap speakers, with a stylish design, a small but powerful subwoofer, a cool volume control puck and also an excellent 3D sound, so these speakers will really worth their money.

Unfortunately this system isn’t produced anymore, but you will be able to find it on the internet, on auction sites like or You should also try to search for them in stores that are selling second-hand products. Good luck finding them, and then enjoy the sound!