Earthquake Car Speakers

Published by dipti, on May 30th, 2011, in the categories: Earthquake Sound

While having a ride in you car, you need to be entertained. Otherwise the drive becomes boring and dull. If you are returning home from your office, the route seems to have been extended. The traffic jam on the way makes your time all the more droning. Also, when you move in your car with your family or to a picnic spot or at any other occasion, the drive becomes so enjoyable when you have music in your vehicle. Good music depends a lot on good car speakers. Such high quality speakers are offered by Earthquake. Earthquake car speakers are fashioned especially to provide you exquisite driving or riding experience. If you want to have these speakers in your car, just navigate the following account.

Earthquake F4R Speakers

These are two way 4” coaxial speakers. They have 4 Ohm voice coil and 87 db sensitivity with poly injection cone and silk dome neodymium tweeter.

Earthquake FC6.2R Speakers

These are 2 way 6” split 70W RMS and 200W peak speakers.
Their sensitivity is 89 db. They have composite weave carbon fiber cone and silk neodymium dome tweeter

Earthquake FS6.5R Speakers

These speakers are 2 way 6.5” coaxial with 50W RMS and 170W peak. They have 4 Ohm voice coil and 89 db sensitivity.

Earthquake F4.0 Speakers

They are equipped with 70W Max. Their frequency response is 78Hz-22 kHz and sensitivity is 86dB. They enjoy having broad edge butyl rubber surround and polyswitch tweeter protection.

Earthquake F5.25 Speakers

Their frequency response is 30Hz-22kHz with 5.25" fiber impregnated polymica cone. Their sensitivity is 90dB and 0.75" swivel dome tweeter. They are protected with poly-switch tweeter.

Earthquake FS6.5 Speakers

Their frequency response is 55Hz-22kHz. Sensitivity is 89dB. They have Wide edge butyl rubber surround and polyswitch tweeter protection.

Earthquake F5x7 Speakers

Their Sensitivity is 88dB and FR is 63Hz-22kHz. They also have swiveling 3/4 " improved frequency silk dome tweeter with 5 x 7" poly injection cone.

Earthquake F6x9 Speakers

Sensitivity of these speakers is 90dB. Frequency Response is 40Hz-22kHz. and 3/4" mylar dome tweeter, with neodymium magnet with 2" high efficiency mid-range driver

Earthquake VTEK 42 Speakers

Their mounting depth is 1.81”. 1 3/4”. 46mm, 20mm ASV voice coil and a 25mm silk dome tweeter. They possess low mass tension glass fiber cone, ultra fast response drive and PistonMax technology.

Earthquake VTEK 62 Speakers

Their FR is 45Hz - 22kHz, mounting depth is 2.51”. 2 8/16”. 64mm, 1" 20mm silk dome tweeter, 25mm ASV voice coil and Nomax / Romax spider.

Earthquake VTEK MC-6 Speakers

Their impedance is 4 ohms. They have two 6.5 " drivers, 2 high power crossovers, new carbon fiber styled crossover and12-db-per-octave slopes.

Earthquake VTEK 57 Speakers

They have 25mm ASV voice coil, brushed aluminum lip, adjustable tweeter with heavy duty braided tensile leads.

Earthquake VTEK 693 Speakers

Their FR is 25Hz-22kHz, mounting depth is 3 9/16", neodymium magnet, and swivel tweeter.

Earthquake car speakers transform your boring car drive into a musical one. These speakers give you marvelous melodious moments, never experienced before.

Earthquake Supernova MKVI Subwoofer

Published by Bogdan Alex, on May 26th, 2008, in the categories: Earthquake Sound

I’m eagerly awaiting the launch of the rotary subwoofer, but until this spiffy device gets commercialized (hopefully any time soon), we can go ahead and try what’s available. Like this boxy thing right here…It may look like an average subwoofer with its simple box shape, but the Supernova MKVI from Earthquake Sound is more than meets the eye.


All Earthquake Sound devices are hand-made in the US, so you know we are talking about nothing but high quality. The MKVI subwoofer peaks at 1200 watt dynamic and 600 watt RMS, integrating a Class D switching amplifier together with a new room correction system for balancing the sound. Other speaker manufacturers are most of the times equalizing sound by adjusting the volume, but the new Earthquake subwoofer thoroughly considers time reflections and refractions.

What does time have to do with this? Timing is an important aspect for subwoofers, and with the MKVI you can adjust group delay, phase and time delay, and you also get a remote control so you can easily tweak these aspects without stumbling all over the subwoofer. Earthquake also implemented their proprietary SLAPS technology which stands for “symmetrically loaded passive radiator”. This technology makes use of a very slim speaker cone that lets the enclosure be compact while the bass retains power and clarity.

The MKVI is already available and comes in two sizes and two finishes. There’s the 12-inch version priced at $2,899 for the Black lacquer piano finish or $2,399 for the black ash wood veneer finish. The larger 15-inch version priced at $3,399 for the piano finish or $2,899 for the black ash finish.

For additional tech specs check out the official page.