Most Powerful Speakers for PC

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A good quality speaker needs optimal imaging, positional accuracy and sonic depth. So if you don’t want to make any compromise, check out some top rated PC speakers listed below.



Logitech Surround Sound Speaker Z506: This speaker performs at its best when played on a PC. If you are not willing to spend lots of cash and still wants good quality speaker for PC, Logitech Z506 is what you are looking for. It’s a 5.1 speaker that has 5 satellite speakers along with a subwoofer. To get an incredible sound quality, place all the 5 speakers around the room and enjoy theatre like sound. It has got plug and play setup, so all you have to do is plug in the jack into the audio jack of your PC and that’s it, you are done!

With its rich 3D stereo surround sound, Logitech Z506 converts 2 channel stereo into an immersive sound quality. It consumes only 75 watts and with this much of power, it can fill your room with rattling sound. It has a booming subwoofer that has down-firing design that gives you clear, deep and clean bass that makes movie sound more intense.

Corsair SP2500 High Power 2.1 PC Speaker: When played, these speakers have the capability of making your conversation almost impossible to hear. Corsair speaker sounds incredible and is one of the best speakers for PC built so far. It has been designed very well so as to deliver detailed and clean audio as an output from the speakers. Corsair SP2500 has a digital signal processor that equalizes the effects for listening that can not be matched with any other PC speaker for sure. With this speaker, you can enjoy late night movies, games without even disturbing others. To do this, you have to adjust the film, music or gaming genres from the custom listening environments. This PC speaker has 2 way amplifiers and one silk dome tweeters for accurate sound dispersion.

Bose Companion 3 Series II PC Speaker System: No list of PC speakers would be complete without mentioning the amazing Bose! We all know very well about Bose speakers, so there is nothing much to share about the quality speakers they make. Companion 3 Series is the easiest way to get stereo sound from your computer. It comes with two magnet shielded speaker mounted on stands to hold the speakers while listening from it. It has a multi-functional control pad for controlling volume level, mute button, Aux jack and a headphone jack. If you have not heard the sound quality of Bose, believe me friend, you have not listen to the best quality stereo sound yet.

Altec Lansing FX3022 Expressionist Bass 2-Way PC Speaker: You just said downward subwoofers, right? Well I guess you are right. These computer speakers have subwoofer built-in at the bottom of the speaker that promises the most efficient Bass quality ever. When played, you will hear crystal clear sound coming out of an attractive design of speakers that fits comfortably anywhere near your PC. With this speaker, you will enjoy deep and powerful bass that will make you move with the beats. FX3022 provides a great platform for delivering the audio of your choice and fills your room with satisfying sound. You can easily connect it to the PC, iPod, DVD Player and CD player.

Get any one of these high featured PC speaker and become the most popular person among your family and friends.

Computer Speaker by Bose

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Bose is a well renowned name in the speaker industry. It’s a name that everybody wants to keep in some or the other way.



Bose has manufactured speakers for cars, iPod, iPad, home theatre system and not its turn to computer speakers. In this category comes wired and wireless computer speaker both. Here are some top designed and high rated computer speakers that are available in the market.

Bose Companion 20: It’s a new addition to the Bose computer speakers and is a nice, compact monitor speaker that looks very impressive at first glimpse. Each speaker of companion20 is a mixture of grey and black material along with aluminum grills. Speakers have a sleek and stylish looks and weighs approximate a kilo and this makes it the most compact kit available in the market. With this computer monitor comes a wired remote attached to the speakers. Its round in shape and has easy to adjust dial for changing the volume level. You may find this speaker practical in use due to its fine audio quality. Though it has jack port to but we would have been impressed if it comes with USB port too. You cannot treat Bose Companion 20 as a bass-packed speaker but the spectrum is well balanced and the frequencies too hold up well that is rare to find in computer speakers these days. One thing is sure, with this masterpiece in the market, you do not want to spend double money to some dock speakers of Bose.

Bose Computer Music Monitor: Style and super compact size of this speaker has kept the reputation of Bose undoubtedly. It promises to deliver high quality sound from the speakers that can be fit into small spaces. Just connect it to your computer system, laptop or iPod and bring in some rocking music to your life. Bose Computer Music Monitor comes with two speakers that deliver wide and clear sound as promised by the Bose. You can hear all the sharp and crisp sound with highs and lows in between. Its small size adds enough space to your working table. Installation is quite easy to perform and the volume can be controlled either through the buttons on the side of a speaker or via remote control.

Bose Wireless Computer Speaker: Computer delivers wide range of music from your personal playlist, Online Internet Radio, iPod and from many other source files. Now you can play all your favorite music on wireless computer speaker delivered by Bose. You can place these speakers wherever you want and you don’t have to worry for the cables to play them. All you have to do is plug-in these speakers into your laptop and rest you know very well. I can ensure you that this wireless speaker delivers true listening freedom to its users. These speakers have waveguide speaker technology that delivers music as per your expectation. Along with the speaker, you will get a remote control, AC power cord and Power supply adapter.

Bose Companion 3 Series II speaker system: Companion 3 is designed to enhance your music experience to higher level with its high quality audio sound. It comes with two speakers that adjust comfortably at your computer desk. These small speakers deliver crystal clear sound especially when you are playing vocals and instruments. The entire package of Companion 3 ensures you for the audio excitement you are expecting during action movies and exciting computer games. This computer speaker has control pod that contains single-touch mute, headphone jack, volume control and auxiliary input. For this speaker I can say that “Use it to believe it”.

All these Bose computer speakers are unique in some or the other way. You are the one who have to find out the best Bose computer speaker that suits your music taste and pocket both.

How to Fix Computer Sound Problems

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Suppose while playing audio files on the computer, its speakers stop functioning all of a sudden then what one must do in order to fix such sound related problems in computer?

There can be a lot of factors that may affect proper functioning of sound of the computer. Making changes in the operating system, installing new devices or any program on computer or a virus attack can create problem in computer speakers. Sometimes sound problem may occur due to delay in updating sound drivers. Thankfully we have solutions to all such computer sound related problems. Let’s discuss some tips to fix computer sound problems.

You can start by examining audio card. Check whether audio card is attached to the socket or not. All you have to do is enter into BIOS settings and open Integrated Peripherals and look out for AC97 audio. Once you find it, set it to Active or Enable mode and exit BIOS mode by saving the changes you have made. Another possible reason can be defect in Audio sound card and to check it right click on the My Computer icon, select Manage and then click on Device Manager. There you can look out for Audio Sound Card. Wrong insertion of speaker cables in the computer port may interrupt in proper functioning of the speakers. Always make sure that you insert speaker cable in right port only and not in any other computer port. If you are unable to hear audio, check for the volume level by clicking on the speaker icon present on the Task Bar of computer.

80% of sound related problem in computer is due to corrupted sound drivers. If you hear sound static sound while playing audio files, it means that your sound driver needs to be updated. You can find end number of sites online from which you can update sound drivers but the most trusted method is to perform updates from Windows website. Windows update will look in Microsoft database for sound drivers thereby giving you best drivers for your computer. You can utilize automatic updates option by turning it on or off. You can check for this option in System and Security available in the Control Panel.

Suppose if computer audio stops functioning all of a sudden due to some changes made in the volume settings by mistake, the best way to come out of this problem is System Restore. This is the very best way to get rid of computer sound problem. System Restore will undo all the changes made recently hence switching back to settings prior to the occurrence of error. Another possible way is to reinstall the audio driver once again. You can use the drivers CD available with you and if not then you can download drivers through net and do reinstallation once again. Once you have installed audio driver, you can test built in speakers individually through Sound Effect Manager option of Control Panel. There you will find one Speaker Test tab that you can use to check whether both computer speakers are working or not?

There may be various possible reasons for problems related to computer sound but if the problem is diagnosed then the task becomes easy. Troubleshooting computer sound problem on your own is the best option if problem is related to audio driver. However if there are technical issues related to computer speakers then instead of experimenting it is better to contact computer service center for the solution.

High Quality Low Volume Stereo Speakers

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As long as you use stereo speakers, you can set their volume to a high level or to a low level.

There are no low volume stereo speakers on market. There are only stereo speakers and this is it. If you don't like to listen to music using a high level of the volume, you are always capable of setting the level of the volume to a low level.

I have found on Amazon something that I think that you will love: I am talking about the SuperTooth Disco High Power Bluetooth Stereo Speaker. Don't let yourself fooled by the “high”, which is in the name of the product. This means that the product is available to offer you a high quality or high-performance in sound. The price of this stereo speaker is of $117.60. As you can see from my expression, this is only a single stereo speaker. On Amazon, it has received 4 stars and a half. Which means that the product is more than appreciated by those who bought it. This product is sold and it's shipped by Blutekusa. There are also 2 used stereo speakers of the same kind, which have a starting price from $105.99. This speaker is available of streaming music files using the Bluetooth A2DP profile. This can be done from a smartphone or personal computer that comes equipped with the same technology that is integrated in the creation of this stereo speaker. In the devices do not speak the same language, they will not be able to understand one to another.

This is a portable and lightweight item and it allows you to listen to your favorite music anywhere you are. It has a rechargeable battery, that can be charged at a moments thanks to the power adapter that comes with this product. Among the functions that you can use, we can name: the Next function, Stop, Volume up, Volume down, Pause, Previous, Play. The weight of this product is of 3.8 pounds. The name of the product says this is a disco item, but as I said in the previous paragraph, you can use it wherever you go, and I imagine that you go in different locations, not only in discos. The product offers you a high quality and clarity of the sound and the powerful bass. It is very easy to use and if you want to hear only yourself the music that is played by it, you can connect the 3.5 mm stereo cable, that allow you to connect the headphones. More information about this product, if you search for the name of the product online.

Installing Computer Speakers

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When you buy some new computer speakers, first of all you have to install them and then you have to download the software program from the Internet or simply to insert the CD or the DVD that came with the computer speakers, in the drive in order to make the computer to understand that now it has a new component and it must work with it properly.

But many problems can appear during the installation of the computer speakers. If you're not good at this operation or if you have never done this before, most likely you will encounter some issues. There are several methods of installing the speakers. I will not talk about the hardware procedure, simply because I do not know what computer model you have and because this operation is different from one computer brand to another. Even the same brand can have two different computers, that require special attention.

If you think at an X computer released in 2004, it will have another installation procedure that the computer released in 2011. Of course, this is caused not only by the hardware equipment and components installed in that computer, but also because of the operating system and software programs that run in the computer. Because I have mentioned the computer released in 2004, I will speak about how you can realize the installation of the computer speakers, by installing only the driver that allows the speakers to be recognized by your computer. The information is taken directly from the Microsoft site. Most likely when you get a new program or a new component for your computer, you will receive a CD or DVD that has the information stored in it, information that allows you to make the computer to understand how the new component work parts works. So usually you will get CDs that basically install the driver by themselves. Nevertheless, if we speak about older operating systems and older drivers, you have to do the installation manually. As any other thing that is done inside your computer, the installation of the computer speaker is done beginning with the Start button. After this, you have to point to Settings, then make sure you reach the Control Panel. Make sure to click Add New Hardware. You have to click on Next several times and when you will be asked about the type of the hardware, click on Sound, Video, And Game Controllers. Select that you have the disk of the installation and then copy the information that is stored on the disk in your computer.

During the installation, there may appear problems such as the disconnection of the computer from the wall power source or the remaining without battery power, if you use a laptop computer. To be certain that this does not happen, if you use a laptop, make sure that the battery is fully loaded. If you use a desktop computer, you better start praying the electric current will not be interrupted during your installation.