Top Bookshelf Speakers for Home Theaters

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Top bookshelf speakers for home theaters mainly come into consideration when you think of buying the best speakers for your home. People generally have numerous options when they go out looking for speakers for an already existing home theater system. They want exceptional speakers for the pure happiness of hearing great music.


Though many people would have their choices of the speakers they intend for their home theater system, but bookshelf speakers are the only varied choice. If you've a limited space, then a great pair of bookshelf speakers would ideally suit you for listening to your favorite music. They are considered as a critical part of any home theater system.

There are several people who go for a home theater in a box system or a sound bar but the fact is that you won't get the same sound quality and the flexibility that bookshelf speakers would offer. You can attach one, two or even three pairs of bookshelf speakers to your home theater system to get a surround sound experience.

Top Bookshelf Speakers for Home Theaters

Totem Acoustic Model-1 Signature Bookshelf Speaker

Totem Acoustic are one of the well renowned speaker manufacturers in world today and have manufactured some well known audio components that have got some great reviews. Now, the company has risen to the challenge of designing great sounding bookshelf speaker by releasing their latest Model-1 signature speakers.

The company aims to provide a crisp and clear sound to the users with surround sound effects related with action movies. These speakers have 5.5 inch woofers in combination with a 3 inch voice coil which helps in dispersing undefined audio.

Canton Karat 720 Bookshelf Speaker

Canton has been manufacturing adroit speaker systems for years and recently they have been manufacturing home theater speakers. However, they didn't get the acclaim they deserved. Now they have come up with the Karat 720 bookshelf speaker.

This speaker has 2 way bass reflex and costs around $1100 per pair. It possesses an aluminum manganese tweeter of 1 inch and a 6 inch aluminum wave surround woofer. These speakers combine two separate audio technologies together. Thus you'd be thoroughly surprised with the home theater audio with its wide and multifaceted sonic range.

Monitor Audio RX1 Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf speakers are meant to take up as little space as possible. Keeping this in mind, Monitor Audio's RX1 speakers were designed. These speakers costs $1100 per pair and has a bass driver of 6 inch along with a C-Cam profile that's built into the driver itself.

These are superior speakers which keep distortion rates as low as possible. Besides, you can easily mount them anywhere in your home theater as they're only 12 inches in height.

What to Look for in Bookshelf Speakers?

It's not so difficult to choose the right bookshelf speakers for your home theater system. There are some criteria that you must know while choosing them.

Performance: Any speaker is determined by the sound it produces. Ideally speaking, a speaker is able to produce sound that a human being can bear to its maximum capacity. This is considered to from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Some speakers are also able to produce ultrasonic overtone. Opt for the one that can produce both low and high frequencies with good bass and treble.

Drivers: They are separate sound transducers within a speaker enclosure. There's a single low frequency driver that reproduces bass and mid range tones. It also has a tweeter or high frequency driver for the upper ranges. A speaker is considered to be good it's drivers function properly.

These are some of the top bookshelf speakers for home theaters that can be considered in your living room.

Best Bookshelf Speakers for Computers

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Best bookshelf speakers for computers are those that go well along with the decor and the computers in itself. It's important to choose the best bookshelf speakers for your system, if you want to get the best sound output. There are some stereo systems that come with speakers of not so good quality and won't serve any purpose to you. If you're looking for speakers for your computers, then you should go for the best possible ones.

Most people stick with the original speakers that come with the system, but they might not give the same output when connected to computers. However, it's possible that some audiophiles in your system would search for the best speakers and would play good music on them with better sound quality. This is the reason more and more people are now looking for the best bookshelf speakers for computers.

Finding the right kind of speakers for your computers would ensure that you get a good sound output with proper bass that you can notice. It's not difficult to find appropriate speakers for computers, as there are many out there. They are also quite inexpensive and are easily affordable.

Best Bookshelf Speakers for PC

BIC America DV62si Bookshelf Speakers

This set of speakers are ideal for you if you want more bass, but don't want huge unwieldy speakers. This pair is known to be the best DV62si speakers, as it has a sensitivity of 90 dB, which when used with an amplifier gives you the maximum benefit of 150 watts per channel.

You are certain to receive the best quality sound with these speakers when connected to a PC, as they offer undistorted upper mid and high frequencies to your ears, which are absolutely crystal clean. The low frequency response can also be extended to an impressive 43HZ through the patented and specifically tuned rear panel venturi port. These speakers also come with a magnetic shield that allows you to place them near your computer monitor without having any distortion.

These speakers would certainly lighten your room with music in spite of just being 15 inches tall. You can easily notice their bass, as they deliver guitar and drum bass that sounds fantastic. For getting extended high frequencies, each speaker is equipped with a ferro-fluid cooled dome of 75 inch.

Sony SS-B1000

These speakers are surely one of the least expensive bookshelf speakers available today. They are not only affordable, but also have the capability to deliver great sound. If quality is your topmost priority, then you can go for these ones without a shadow of doubt. They have advanced woofer and tweeter design and offer excellent sound with 120 watts of power.

When you hear any sound from these speakers, you'd feel as if the sound is getting recorded in front of you. Such is the audio resolution of these speakers, which go up to 50 Hz. These speakers also compliment the audiophile with their newly developed 5.25 H.O.P cone woofer design.

You're certain to hear a crisp and clear music, as these speakers are considered to be one of the best for your PC. You can easily notice the bass from the sound quality and even the most fiery audiophiles would compliment their size. Overall, these speakers are excellent for your computers and in particular when you don't want to spend too much on them.

These are some of the best bookshelf speakers for computers that not only would give you the sound quality that you desire, but would really make your investment worth it. You can buy these speakers online too with some great offers going on.

Good bookshelf speakers

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If you want to get the best possible sound available, then it is important to select good bookshelf speakers for your system. Many people stick with the speakers that came with their system thinking that they are stuck with them for good. Some audiophiles search out the best quality speakers and opt for the best ones. Sometimes, the change in sound can be vivid and that is why more and more people are now looking for the best bookshelf speakers for their systems. When you find the correct speakers for your system, you notice that sound is naturally warm and the bass quality is really noticeable. So, here are selective good bookshelf speakers to give you an exhilarating music experience.

The Sony SS-B1000

These speakers deliver great sound and are affordable too. They give quality sound with 120 watts of power and advanced woofer and tweeter design.

Sony SS-B3000 Bookshelf Speakers

This pair of speakers produces an even and smooth sound to your ears. You would not have any problem choosing out every instrument in whatever sound track you are playing. They present a sound reproduction of up to 50Hz. An 8” Newly Developed Kevlar H.O.P. Woofer and 1” Nano Fine Balanced Dome Tweeter technology is also included within this set.

BIC America DV62si Bookshelf Speakers

These speakers are among the best bookshelf speakers as they incorporate 90 dB sensitivity. This sensitivity is recommended for use with an amplifier if you want the utmost benefit of 150 watts per channel.

Boston Acoustics CS26B Classic

This bookshelf speaker offers a two way sound output. It uses a 1 inch Kortec soft dome tweeter and a 6.5” deep channel design woofer with graphite injected polymer woofer cone which makes all the difference to your music.

Polk Audio TSi200 Bookshelf Speakers

These bookshelf speakers are a great introduction to high performance sound. These speakers are certainly built for value and sound quality. It is because of their size it is difficult to believe these are amongst the good bookshelf speakers.

Klipsch B-3 Synergy Bookshelf Loudspeakers

You enjoy a winning combination of powerful bass with high volumes and low distortion with these speakers. They use a .5” IMG woofer and 1” aluminum-dome compression driver tweeter attached to an exclusive square Tractrix(R) Horn which is the real engine behind its great sound ability.

Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Monitor Series Powered Subwoofer

This is a ten inch subwoofer which has a built in amplifier for bass. This subwoofer is available with a ten inch polymer composite dynamic balance cone driver which will certainly make a difference to your music.

Apart from other good bookshelf speakers, some more noteworthy bookshelf speakers include Polk Audio Monitor 30 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers, JBL Northridge N24AWII 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers and Polk Audio TSi100 Bookshelf Speakers. To find the correct speakers for your music system, you need not break the bank. Maximum of the above mentioned bookshelf speakers come under an affordable bracket. These speakers work well with any system. These bookshelf speakers make really a clear difference to your music.

Bookshelf Speakers

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Working with computers involves being able to understand the way in which various computer hardware components function and also the way in various types of computer software problems might help us carry out more tasks with the help of our computers. The computer speakers are also included within the category of computer hardware components and they deal with the sound quality that we can benefit from while using our computers certainly, depending on the type and quality of the computer speakers that we might decide to use.

There are various types of computer speakers which are manufactured and made available on the market by numerous computer hardware manufacturers and each of them are interested in presenting to their clients products that might attract their attention and that might make them interested in using their devices and in being efficient while using them. Bookshelf speakers represent one type of devices of this kind that have become more familiar to all of us in the last few years and which are used by more people than they used to.

Axiom bookshelf speakers represent one of the types of speakers of this kind that are available to be used nowadays and they have been mainly appreciated for the fact that they enable their users to experience high-quality sound without being forced to compromise space in order to do this. What is very important to be mentioned is first of all what Axiom Bookshelves are known to include and this refers to the titanium type of tweeters, to the aluminum type of woofers included in the offer, to the gold plated type of binding posts used for enabling better connections, to the cabinets that are used for reducing the port noise and which are vortex ported as well as to the cabinets that are highly appreciated for their function of suppressing internal type of resonances which are said to color the sound and to increase its quality.

There are various types of bookshelf speakers that can be analyzed so that every user interested in them might be able to discover the perfect ones to use so that they might be suitable for the room where they might be placed and consistent with each user’s preferences. M2 is one model of Axiom bookshelf speakers that can be found available nowadays, that can be purchased and used by those interested in their features and specifications and in the way in which they can enable their users with access to great sound quality.

Few of the most important specifications that can be analyzed when discussing about this model of bookshelf speakers are its maximum Amp power of 150 watts as well as their minimum Amp power of 15 watts, their 8 ohms impendence, and their 1 inch single tweeter, the single 5.25 inches woofer as well as its dimensions which are as follows 11.5 inches x 7.5 inches x 8.5 inches. Their weight is of 11.2 Ibs in the case of each speaker. This is only one example among the numerous possibilities of choice when it comes to bookshelf speakers nowadays and everyone interested in them can easily discover them and analyze their features in order to have a better idea of the way in which they function and can be used.