Logitech Dual Headset H820e Review

Published by Chitiz, on December 11th, 2013, in the categories: Logitech

Logitech has always come up with superb business peripherals. Every, from ergonomically designed computer accessories to high-quality audio speakers, you just think of such products and Logitech will design them in real.

This time, Logitech has taken headset into consideration. Its latest addition in the category of business peripherals is the new Logitech Wireless Headset Dual H820e. Packed in a simple plain brown box, this new headset is designed to do its job well.

This headset will be delivering its services across busy offices and call centre. Professionals working in call centres have to attend various national/international calls every day. For them, audio clarity is the first and the foremost feature they would be looking in any headset. That is why; Logitech concentrated more on the audio clarity this time. Also, the concept of introducing wireless headset will be in favor of working professionals. With wireless connectivity and comfort wearer, they can connect with their clients for longer duration of time, without any external hindrance (headset cable issue), which can be normally experienced in most of the wired headset nowadays.

Logitech Headset Dual H820e

Just like other products, introduced in the Logitech's business line, the new wireless Headset Dual H820e has got a simple and professional design. Apart from being light-weighted, is comfortable to wear for long working hours. In order to allow the user to speak, there is a microphone boom arm attached that can be moved to the ‘upward’ position when not in use. Even though it's a simple feature, most of the headset manufacturers still forget to add such adjustable features in their headsets. Loaded with comfort features, you cannot expect this headset at cheaper cost. The reason for its high-price is: the set of features loaded inside this wireless headset.

The new Logitech Dual Headset H820e features excellent recording quality and delivers clear audio quality to the ear drum, thereby letting the user to understand the queries of his clients and solve the issues at the quickest possible time. In addition to it, the earphone doesn't allows any external noise to interrupt the on-going call, which I think is a great feature, especially when you are a part of a noisy office. The H820e is a binaural headset, which means that for both the ears, there are ear pieces available, which helps in masking surrounding noises. Talking about the microphone, it has got a noise-cancellation and echo cancellation technology loaded inside, resulting into clear voice calls.

In order to ensure that your colleagues do not disturb you while attending a call, there is an in-call LED indicator light installed on the headset. Also, there is a visual incoming alert, so as to ensure that you don't miss any call, especially important ones. Being a wireless headset, the new Logitech H820e do comes with a decent battery life of around 10 hours and can be charged quickly. The DECT technology is used for the wireless connection. So the chances for any kind of interference with any other wireless networks are absolutely zero.

Overall, the new Logitech Wireless Dual Headset H820e is an expensive headset, but do come with excellent audio and voice quality. Also its comfortable design allows you to wear it for long hour and work efficiently. For controlling the audio level, buttons are located on the headset itself. So try this is officially designed wireless headset and feel the difference.

Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker

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Carbon audio pocket speaker is unique in a way. The kind of effort company has taken in figuring out the requirement and execute it in a way, nobody else has, is simply superb.

The idea of coming up with a speaker, small enough to comfortably fit in any pocket is quite impressive. The new Carbon Audio sound system comes in a plastic case, with a small rectangular box which holds the entire speaker.

To give it an appealing look, Carbon Audio pocket speaker does come in different color combinations (green, blue, pink, yellow, white, black). However, black & white is considered to be the idlest one. With rechargeable lithium battery, this pocket speaker is capable of delivering music playback up to 8 hours. However, its playback time is reduced to 6 hours, when played at high volume level. Using a hybrid USB cable, you can easily charge the battery in like no time. Also, it features an Auxiliary input, which allows you to connect it to an audio device with missing Bluetooth facility.

Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker

Pairing an audio device to the pocket speaker is the simplest task you can perform. Start by pressing down the Bluetooth button on your speaker for a few seconds and then selecting the speaker in the Bluetooth menu of your audio device. You can make a stereo pair out of two Carbon Audio pocket speaker via Bluetooth connectivity and can use them individually as the left and right speaker.

When it comes to performance, the new Carbon Audio pocket speaker cannot be taken for granted. This small masterpiece is capable of delivering extremely loud sound and that too with just one speaker. Now imagine the kind of audio output, it could deliver when paired with another pocket speaker. It proves to be a perfect replacement for laptop and desktop speakers. So when it comes to watching movies, you can give a try to this pocket speaker. Being portable, small in size and light weight, the new Carbon Audio pocket speaker is travel-friendly. So in case if your luggage is running out of space, your pocket space can be used here. The best use of the pocket speaker can be experienced, when used with a phone. It works wonderfully as a speakerphone.

As far as positive features are concerned this speaker stands as per our expectations. However, there are certain points where we need to draw our focus. First, it would have been great if we could have used its battery to charge mobile devices. Also, it would not be advisable to test the speaker to its maximum limit, as it can add buzz to the ongoing track, resulting in a non-satisfactory experience. Being an electronic device, it may have certain limitations which should be accepted in a perfect way.

Overall, it would be unfavorable to judge this speaker based on its size. The new Carbon Audio pocket speaker is capable to play louder than its visible size. Thanks to its extreme portability, stereo pairing and speaker phone function. Try out this new portable speaker and experience the audio quality, which is hard to find in other speakers.

SpeakerCraft CS3 Sound Bar

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Most of us have seen speakers in almost every possible shapes and designs. These days, sound bar is counted among the highly liked speakers, reason being the pedestal design, which allows you to adjust the speaker between narrow spaces.

The new SpeakerCraft CS3, known for its pedestal design is one of the high-performing sound bars available in the market. Focusing towards its designing area, the new SpeakerCraft CS3 features nicely curved edges along with solid build quality that gives it a more refined look. As the speaker grille is held in place by magnets, one can easily take it off. The inner section of the speaker holds two set of drivers: four 3-inch mid-range drivers and two 1-inch tweeters. Moreover, there are two 5.25-inch sub-woofers installed on the bottom side of the sound bar. In terms of design, the only missing point is the lack of front-panel display for viewing the visual levels of volume, while adjusting it. The CS3 features three connectivity options, which includes: coaxial, optical and analog. However, using the Bluetooth connectivity option, you can wirelessly stream music from Smartphone, tablets etc.

SpeakerCraft 3 Sound Bar

As far as sound quality is concerned, the SpeakerCraft CS3 sound bar consists of front and rear bass ports that give a few inches of clearance between the cabinet and the back of the speaker. It is capable enough to handle high-impact audio of action movies with ease and comfort. So the sound does not turn harsh to your ear drums. There is a myth that pedestal sound bars deliver worse sound quality in comparison to sub-woofer systems. Luckily, the new SpeakerCraft CS3's sound clarity is its strongest point. You may come across many sound bars that claims to deliver "virtual surround sound", but it's the CS3 sound bar whose surrounds sound is more successful that what other sound bar delivers. With this kind of sound CS3 delivers, it suits for a moderately large room and performs superbly on classical, rock and jazz music. Irrespective of the way you look at this pedestal sound bar, it is going to be recognized as an exceptional performer for movies and music.

Collecting all the favorable points together, we can conclude that the new SpeakerCraft CS3 features superb pedestal-style sound bar design that features built-in Bluetooth, making it pretty easy for the audiophiles to stream music from Smartphones, tablets, iPads etc. Talking about the negative points, it's not just the high price tag that may stop you from buying this sound bar. Another possible reason could be; the absence of front-panel display that does not provide visual feedback while adjusting volume levels. Also, being a pricey product, it features a cheap-quality remote control which may not be liked by the most of the audiophiles.

Overall, arriving towards the final conclusion, the new SpeakerCraft CS3 is pricey and is worth to be appreciated for the kind of audio quality it brings in. Combining better sound, better looks and better price, the CS3 balances these competing factors pretty well, giving you an excellent sound bar. So take a trial of this pedestal sound bar and make a conclusion whether its core competencies are up to the point or not.

Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Gone those days when PC users were fond of big size wired speakers, especially designed for Desktop use. Logitech is a well-known brand under such category. But now, it is transforming the wired-based speaker concept into Bluetooth Speaker. Logitech Z600 is a result of such innovation.

Z600 goes well not only with the desktop, but with a laptop as well. It is powerful enough to fill your office, bedroom or living area space with music beats. Blessed with simple and elegant design, it appears to be slightly curved having gray fabric grilles. There is a white strip available on the right side speaker that holds the power and Bluetooth buttons. Also there is a 3.5mm auxiliary input point available. Using the 3.5mm audio cable, you can connect PC, laptop and other audio devices as well. However, its wireless feature is more convenient to use. Up to 8 devices can be connected to this speaker, out of which, 3 devices can be connected at once. The power adapter has to be plugged into the power socket available on the wall. It's the same adapter that will supply power to both the speakers, so the concept of daisy-chain power will not be used here.

Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speaker

When tested on Google Nexus 7, Z600's performance was impressive but with certain flaws. However, for a pair of powered speakers, the bass sound was felt soft. A sense of vibration could be felt only when the upper bass stood against the reduced bass. To avoid distortion, the speakers pull back themselves on the deepest lows. When Rock and Metal track were tried out on this speaker, a great balance of drums, guitar and vocals was experienced by the experts. Daft Punk's "Aerodynamic", a crafted electronic sound, when played on Z600 Speakers sounded solid but not bright, which can be clearly noticed as the song itself has a unique brightness with high guitar notes. Such lack of brightness is the clear indication of the fact that just like the speaker softens the low end, it softens high end as well.

Overall, we can say that the only lacking feature of Z600 Bluetooth Speaker is that in order to prevent distortion, it softens deep bass and treble, which removes the forcefulness of some beautiful tracks. So even if the highs and lows of the speaker are not particularly strong, the Logitech Z600 Speaker perfectly combines wireless flexibility with affordability and stereo power of the PC speaker, making this speaker the best suited option to be tried.

So in case you are not after such speakers that you can carry anywhere, the new Logitech Z600 is what you should be looking for, as it offers superb combination of connectivity, performance and price that cannot be found in every speaker. It's a great set of speakers that go well with PC, laptop, Smartphone, Tab etc. In short, it's the best available solution for offices, studio apartments, bedrooms, living area and other wide spaces that do not require any kind of powerful sound equipment to fill the air space.

Creative Sound Blaster EVO Zx Review

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In the category of "Computer Audio World", Creative Sound Blaster has set up a benchmark and has been maintaining it since last few years.

Few launches in the past had brought "Ups & Downs" for this computer audio manufacturer. Now the question is: whether the new EVO Zx headset would restore the reputation of Sound Blaster or not?

It features a stylish folding design, which resembles with the Creative Sound Blaster's Tactic3D Rage up to a certain extent. Even though, the new EVO Zx headset shares some gaming features as that of the Tactic3D Rage, the prior headset is not built for the gaming purpose. The right side of the headset features a dual mic array that offers nice voice cancellation and superb recording quality. The overall credit of cleaning up the sound quality goes to Creative's Crystal Voice Technology. Using this software, you can easily gain access to virtual surround sound effects and equalizers, and can adjust the audio sound quality as per your convenience.

Creative Sound Blaster EVO Zx Headset

Heading towards its connectivity options, the new Creative EVO Zx can be connected via Bluetooth and via USB cable. In case your desktop/laptop is Bluetooth friendly, you can easily connect this headset using a dongle, which you will be getting along with the headset. In case, Bluetooth option is not supported by your PC, you can use the USB cable that comes with the headset. Other than connecting the headset with laptop/PC, the same USB cable can be used to charge it as well (for its wireless feature). EVO Zx headphone delivers virtual surround sound effect, but only when connected via USB cable. Another feature bolstering this Creative Sound Blaster headset is the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which allows you to pair it up with any NFC enabled laptop or phone. Volume and playback controls are on the right side of the headset that offers quick access by the users.

One of the most significant features that can be seen in the new EVO Zx is the addition of SB AXX1. This technology is popular in Sound Blaster's sound cards, designed especially for PCs. It's the first time that this technology has been implemented in the headset, thereby bringing a noticeable difference to the audio quality and adding depth to the music.

Overall, the new Creative Sound Blaster EVO Zx is an expensive headset that is pre-loaded with some of the top-notch technologies that makes it worth to be priced so high. The SB AXX1 chip installed in the headset bypasses the sound card installed in a desktop/PC. So you won't get much out of this headset there. In case, you don't want to use the SB AXX1 technology, you are then left-out with a pair of headphones that will offer only satisfactory audio quality. Also, Creative Sound Blaster is coming up with a new version of EVO Zx, called as EVO ZxR with larger driver size (50mm), compared to this EVO Zx's 40mm.

So if you are looking for some better bass quality and are ready to spend more money, the upcoming EVO ZxR should be on the top of your wishlist.